Today In Nigerian History: 9th February


On this day in 2010, the National Assembly passed a resolution making Dr. Goodluck Jonathan the acting president. The controversial ‘doctrine of necessity’ was invoked…

This raised a lot of legal questions as to the legality or otherwise of that act. Some people argued that the act of the National Assembly was unconstitutional; some argued that it was constitutional and legal; while there are still some that argued that though it may not be strictly constitutional, it was necessary and thereby legal.

Also in 1979, on this day, air crash at Kano killed 176 Muslim pilgrims. A plane returning Muslim pilgrims from Mecca crashed in Kano, killing 176 people. It was the deadliest air disaster of its time

And in 2013, February 9, insurgents in Portiskum, Yobe State in north eastern Nigeria, killed 3 North Korean doctors, beheading one of the physicians.  The Korean Doctors had lived in the State since 2005 as part of a medical program between Nigeria and the North Korean government.


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