Why I Would Never Wear Short Skirts, Top Actress Reveals


Popular Nollywood actress, Ireti Osayemi Bakare has revealed why she would never be caught wearing a short skirts except for a movie role.

The beautiful actress revealed this in a recent chat with Punch Newspaper. Ireti who was born in Liberia and got into acting after getting her first role in an Emeka Duru movie, said she respects her mother and her opinion to frown at her outfits when her skirts are too skimpy or small.

“It is because of my background. My mother would never allow you to expose your body. I don’t feel comfortable in them. I would not like a situation whereby I would be sitting down but I would need to pull my skirt down at intervals. I would not want to go through that stress because I would not be comfortable in my own skin. I would rather put on something that I know I am okay in,” the actress disclosed.

The Jenifa star also disclosed that she dumped modeling and beauty pageant for acting because her mother frowned at such exposure which the industry brings to a female child.

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