Woman Named ‘Loving’ Opens Kissing Booth In Celebration Of Valentine’s Day


A Virginia woman with the appropriate last name Loving is operating a kissing booth in her front yard to celebrate her favorite holiday, St. Valentine’s Day. Stephanie Loving of Glen Allen said she and her family decorate their home for Valentine’s Day every year, and this year’s display includes light-up hearts and a kissing booth manned by members of her family.

Loving said some smoochers offer donations. “A lot people will leave coins in the kissing booth,” Loving told WRIC-TV, noting the coins are mostly nickels. Loving said Valentine’s has always been her favorite holiday. “The second day after Christmas, I start decorating for Valentine’s Day,” she said. “It’s the day I look forward to the most.”

“When I was a little kid, you know, we used to make the brown paper bags and decorate them and stick them under the chalkboard,” Loving said. “Everybody would put their Valentine’s inside of there. I just always loved it and was so excited to get that brown paper bag to see what was inside it.”

Loving said members of the community are encouraged to come by the booth for a kiss. “I absolutely love it. Every year I try to put something new out there for people to enjoy,” she said.



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