YABATECH Students Blame Colleague’s Death On School Authority’s Negligence [PHOTOS]


Students of Yaba College of Technology Wednesday shut all gates leading to the school in protest of their colleague’s death which they blamed on the negligence of the school authority.

The death of Miss Dazan Charity Oluwabukola, a final-year Office Technology Management HND II student was what was protested by the angry students for most part of the day yesterday, bringing activities in the school to a halt.


Some of the students who spoke to INFORMATION NIGERIA said the student died due to the negligence of officials at the institution’s Medical Centre.


The late student had fallen sick and had been taken to the institutions Medical Centre for treatment but was not attended to because the officials were demanding a deposit of N35,000 before she was attended to.

One of the student leaders opined that the demand of the officials was uncalled for giving that each students pay N3,000 for healthcare every session.


The protest by the angry students spilled out of the institution’s campus, resulting in traffic around the institution’s campus which lasted late into the night.

Responding to the allegation leveled against it by the students, the school management defended itself, saying it did all it possibly could to save the life of the late student.

The school made its own allegation saying the protest was less about the death of the student but more about the students’ trying to force the postponement of upcoming examinations.


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