10 Childhood Habits Every Nigerian Definitely Practised Wayback

Nigerian kids definitely had one hell of childhood. Most of them breached almost all table manners and code of conduct and got away with them. It isn’t rare to see a Nigerian child dip his bread inside his tea or lick his fingers and plate after eating. A lot of adults today, definitely indulged in one of these habits and you’d be surprised to learn that some of them still secretly indulge in those childhood habits because it is simply form. It is Monday and some of you are probably having a hectic one, so just to lighten the mood, INFORMATION NIGERIA takes you down memory lane, as we bring you 10 childhood habits you most definitely had…


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Sing your errand: Just so you don’t forget what you were sent to buy, it was common practise to sing your errand so you don’t forget. This one was especially applicable to buying drugs at pharmarcies.


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Dip bread inside the tea: This was absolutely the best way to eat bread and tea then but now, no one wants to be caught doing it.

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Mix the entire rice and stew before eating: Seeing a Nigerian child mix the rice and the stew together before he/she starts to eat was common practise.


Share the meat and let your elder Bro/Sis choose first: The rule was the youngest would share the meat and the eldest will choose but some bullies wouldn’t let their younger ones do the sharing as they are both the ones to share and pick first.

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Crack the bone and suck out the marrow: Some people still do this till now, only they do it in the privacy of the homes.

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Eat the meat only after you finish the food: This was no rule a child wants to break. The meal was like participating in the world cup competition and the meat was like the cup.

Bite the crown cork and put it back in the coke bottle: There is absolutely no Noigerian child that didn’t do this. Since drinking soft drink wasn;t something that happened everyday, the rare occassion where it happened, kids made the most of it.


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Put the tablet inside a roll of Garri or any other swallow food before eating: Taking medication was one of the biggest problem back then. Even when you were sick and your life depended on those medications, some kids would secretly spit them out when their parents weren’t watching but those who had the heart to do it, did it with help of eba, amala or fufu as the case maybe.


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Licking your plate with your tongue: This was done when the food was too delicious or the child wasn’t satisfied. Licking the plate and your fingers are childhood habits that most people did back int he days.

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Using your fingers to sweep food particles hanging around your gum: It took some people a lot of will power to overcome this one. Especially after eating biscuit or bread, it was easy to find a child put his index finger in his/her mouth and  sweeps every thing off and licks it.

Hey guys, which of them are you most guilty of???

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