11 Funny & Weird Reasons Nigerian Women Got Into Marriage

Marriage is a very important aspect of the Nigerian society. The way Nigerians view marriage is tantamount to how countries view matters of national securities. With all form of seriousness and importance. Many people are in marriage today, but they all have different reasons for getting into it. INFORMATION NIGERIA brings you 10 funny and weird reasons you wouldn’t believe Nigerian women decide to marry…

Pressure: Often times, when a woman reaches a certain age, she is expected to find herself a husbnd and settle down. It doesn’t matter whether she feels ready enough, she has to, it is what family and society requires of her.

Friends are getting married: This one is a very common reason why many Nigerian women get married. They want to join the bandwagon and become Mrs like their friends. They just don’t want to be left behind.

Want to be their own boss: They want to become their own ‘madam’. Live in their own houses, cook what they want and be a part of making key decisions unlike in their parents house where decisions are made mainly by parents.


Pregnancy: When they become pregnant by mistake by their boyfriends and do not want an abortion, they just end up marrying the guy.

Oldest daughter: In some traditions in Nigeria, many first daughters are required to marry before their younger sisters as it is said that younger sisters can’t marry before their older sisters. This often puts pressure on older daughters to quickly get married whether or not they are ready.

Make an ex jealous: This sounds crazy but it happens. Some women just marry to make a point to an ex, especially one who mistreated them or went on to marry someone else. 

Life ATM: They need a man to continue where their fathers stopped. They want a man to just completely take over caring for their every single need.

Faith is aganst fornication: They do not want to sin against God through fornication therefore they would just go ahead and get married. That way, having s3x becomes legal.

Age is catching up with them: The biological clock is ticking too fast. Menopause and wrinkles are fast approaching. They quickly need to get hitched before they become too old to find a husband. 

Respect: We all know that married women are more respected than unmarried ones. In order to get the respect everywhere they go, they decide to get married.

Kids: They want to have their own babies. They have dreamed of parenthood for such a long time and it looks like the perfect opporunity to make it happen.

Lets make this fun… Tell us your reason to wed???



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