5 Classes Of Nigerians Who Play Important Roles But Are Hardly Recognised

If you live in Nigeria, seeing hawkers on the street or food vendor by the road is not out of place and everytime, you step into any Nigerian street, there is a likelihood that you would come across one of them. Often times, we understimate the importance of these set of Nigerians but the truth is, many of us, depend on them for one thing or another. INFORMATION NIGERIA in this piece brings you the people we often don’t think of, but play a large role in our everyday lives…

Ever been inside a Lagos trafic and you are so thirsty and the only thing on your mind is water! Then a pure water or bottle watter seller pops out of nowhere on the road?

The reality is, for as low as N100 you can buy yourself a plate of cooked meal from any other road side food vendor. It is known fact that many Nigerians depend on them daily for survival.

Whether you have cash to buy or not, any one who follows the news definitely takes glances at newspapers being hawked by the vendor in traffic.

Trying to get somewhere really fast, the okada man is your best bet.


These ones don’t sell in kilos and don’t have a fixed price. So everything depends on your bargaining power and the naira in your purse.


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