5 Frustrating Things No Nigerian Wants To Hear On Returning Home From A Long Day At Work

Nigerians are natural hustler, they go out in the morning and come back in the evening, they usually don’t get fed up of the whole routine but there are somethings that could just put them down. After a very long day at work, one is expected to come home and feel a kind of comfort. Being able to relax, eat well and have a proper conservation without being stressed is all there is to it, but when this doesn’t happen, anyone in this kind of situation will feel totally crushed. INFORMATION NIGERIA brings you 5 of those scenarios no Nigerian worker wants to be in after work…

NEPA cut the light: PHCN officials were in your area during the day and because they knocked at the gate and no one responded and their was no current bill on the gate to show that you’ve paid for the month, they cut off your electricity supply. You return home from work and almost every house on your street has light but your house.

Transformer blew: Just like the above reason but this one affects everyone on the street or area as the case may be. It’s not the usual interruption with hope of them restoring power. The transformer that supplies power has packed up and power is not going to be restored anytime soon. Absolutely no worker wants to hear that on returning from work.



No gas: Over estimated the gas in the cylinder and decided to cook a meal on returning from work a tad late and the cooker doesn’t come up because there is no more gas in the cylinder and you do not own a stove and everyone who sells edible stuff in your neigbourhood has closed.

Closed food joint: Unmarried men will find this very annoying. Imagine dragging yourself down to your favourite buka only to find it under lock and key because the buka owner lost a relative or took ill. This is like saying oxygen supply to the world has been cut short.

Hung clothes drenched by rain: Probably missed dong the laundry over the weekend and decided to wake up early on Monday morning to do some because you have nothing to wear for the week, then you come back from work and realise that it rained heavily in your area while you were at work, drenched all your clothes and the wind even blew some to the ground.

Which is your worst experience???


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