5 Reasons Why Lagosians Love Lagos

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With the traditional horrible traffic, fast life of Lagos, accommodation and transport issues, people who do not live in Lagos but visit once in a while, always say, they can never live in the city. Most of them wonder why Lagosians can’t do without Lagos. To them, the bads in Lagos far overrides the good. Well, for those of you, who have sworn only to visit and never live in Lagos or to those of you, who are trying to convince yourself to move to Lagos, INFORMATION NIGERIA has put together 5 reasons why Lagos residents adore her…

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It’s a city where dreams come true: You have often heard tales from our favourite celebs of how they joined the night bus to Lagos, with little or no money or hawked rat poison in traffic. As fairy as the tales may sound, that is actually how Lagos works. In Nigeria, there is no better place to become successful than Lagos because of the numerous opportunities than abounds in it. As long as you have the will and strength to work,  you will surely survive in Lagos.

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Social Life: No Nigerian city has the kind of social life Lagos has. Lagos was not named the social hub of Nigeria for nothing. Other parts of Nigeria follows the lead of Nigeria. The social life of Lagos is so top notch that any celebrity who does not reside in Lagos would have to work extra heard for exposure. Lagos has the highest number of resident celebrities and entertainers in Nigeria. The city is vibrant with lots of social functions happening almost every day. Indeed, there is no dull moment in Lagos because it is a city where talents are born and grown.

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Night life: In most parts of Nigeria, the town goes to sleep from before 10pm. The reverse is the case in Lagos as 10pm on marks the beginning of the night not the end of it. Some people who have been at work all day, would go home to freshen up then head back out to have fun. With a large variety of clubs, hookup spots, bars and hotels, to choose from there is no dull moment in Lagos. And no matter the time you arrive in Lagos, you will get a vehicle heading for your destination.


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Employment opportunities: With many international companies, small businesses and local investments in Lagos, there is always the possibility of getting an employment than anywhere else in Nigeria. The pay might not be as great as you desire but you are sure to get something that would cater for some of your needs in the meantime.

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The Persistent hurry: Anyone who has ever visited Lagos must always wonder why Lagosians are always in a hurry. It isn’t rare to find people eating in the bus, doing their make up on the bus, walking fast all the time – because there is no time. You have to get things done as fast as possible. The hurry is one of the reasons why Lagosians love Lagos. If you can live in Lagos, you can survive anywhere.

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