5 Things Women Who Totally Depend On Their Spouses Are Labelled As

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Being independent is a virtue most over dependent women would most likely not understand. It is definitely OK for a woman to want her man to take care of her but expecting him to actually take care of every single one of her needs is suicide for him as well as for her. There is dignity in labour as well as dignity in not being a liability. Unfortunately, some women are perfect examples of women who totally depend on their spouses for everything. INFORMATION NIGERIA in this piece brings you 5 things these sort of women are usually labelled as…

No ambition: Her dreams and aspirations revolve around her spouse, whether she went to school or not, she is like a complete waste because she has limited her abilities to only what her spouse gives her.

Incapacitated: Even when it comes to sorting out bills as easy as getting her hair done, she always has to resort to her partner. She has no money of her own, therefore has to wait for the man every time a need arises which could be frustrating for the man more often than not.


Powerless: Like they say, he who pays the piper dictates the tune, so since she brings absolutely nothing to the table, her ability to make key decision is over ruled by the man.

Nobody takes her seriously: No matter how beautiful she is, she’s seen as a gold digger who wants to rip when she has not sowed. Even in the neighbourhood where she stays, people see her as lazy and talentless.


Disrespected: In-laws see her as a leech on her husband and they treat her as one. They never want to associate with more than they are forced to by her relationship with their brother (her husband). Shades are thrown at her at every given opportunity.

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