5 Things You Are Most Likely Going To Find In A Typical Nigerian Christian Home


Being a christian in Nigeria is sort of different from everywhere else in the world. Some have hilariously stated that ‘the holy spirit doesn’t move anywhere else like it does in Nigerian churches’. Maybe the holy spirit love Nigerians more, don’t you think? Well, Nigeria is a multi religious state and Christianity is one of the two most prominent, that is why everyone has a christian friend, neighbour or is one themselves. Well, for those of you who have never been to a christian home in Nigeria, INFORMATION NIGERIA brings you 5 things you are most likely going to see in one…

Image result for nigerian church sticker

Church sticker: You are mostly to find a church sticker first at the door of the house or even at the main gate in some cases. Things like ‘my year of harvest’ are written on such stickers.

Christian decor: It is common for you to find a decor in the living room that looks like the photo above or a portrait of Jesus or Mary.

Bible: A christian without a bible is like a soldier without a riffle. In some christian homes, you would definitely find different translations to the bible, not only the regular KJV.

Gospel audio: This is one thing you are also likely going to find in a christian home. Audio CDs of their pastors, other admired pastors and gospel singers they love.

Christian Books and devotionals: These ones are almost like the bible. Every typical christian home in Nigeria has books that elaborate bible topics for the adult and the children as well.

Which did we miss guys???

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