5 Types Of Students You Are Likely To Meet In Nigerian Schools


A school is an institution designed for the teaching of students (or “pupils”) under the direction of teachers. There are however different categories of students in a school. It is based on this that INFORMATION NIGERIA has put together 4 types of students you are likely to met in school.

The back seaters: These class of students are known to everybody as the dull and the troublesome ones.

The ‘over sabis’: This ones are always quick to raise up their hands to answer questions even when they would eventually get the answer wrong.

The silent killers: The reserved ones who would not raise their hands up when questions are asked but would rather wait when no one is able to answer the question so that they can prove their scholastic skills.

The tricksters: The ones who would raise up their hands when questions are asked when in reality they do not have the answer to the question. The only reason they raise their hands is in a bid to evade the teacher from asking them the question.

Which were you???








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