6 Signs Your Relationship Is Bringing You Down

Fighting couple

When we get into a relationship, we hope to stay happy. We know that we are with someone who will be our source of happiness, who will be our support, and who will keep us motivated and going. However, if the same person keeps bringing us down, our life becomes a little of a mess. Our relationships keeps us unhappy and it takes away our peace. Here are a few signs that your relationship is bringing you down:

Your conversations are lame.

You know your relationship is bringing you down when your conversations become lame. The two of you never have deep conversations. You never talk about meaningful things. When two people are together, they are supposed to talk about their goals, dreams, fantasies and ambitions. They want their partner to know these things about them, and when they can’t talk about these things, it means that they don’t connect. There will always be a void in their relationship and it will never keep them happy.

You’re bored.

You know your relationship is bring you down when the two of you are bored all the time. There is nothing that excites you. There is no adventure in your bond. The two of you follow a monotonous routine, and it is making you grow sick of the person. If you don’t want this to happen, then add some adventure to your life. Make things different, or else you will have to finish things one day when there will be no spark left

They irritate you now.

When you fell for them, maybe you did things faster than you should have. You didn’t get enough time to know them and now he person seems someone else. This is bringing you down, because you feel stuck. There are things that they do which annoy you. The two of you don’t even know each other properly. You know that some of your habits annoy them too. Your relationship is somewhat a mess. You need to clean the mess, and reach a compromise. Otherwise, get it over with.

The spark is gone.

When two people love each other, they feel this satisfaction on seeing each other. They feel a certain kind of peace on being around their partner. However, you relationship is bringing you down if you feel nothing like this. You look at them and you feel random, because your relationship isn’t fun anymore. All the excitement and the love is slowly fading away. Your partner is slowly becoming just another person in your life, instead of being someone extremely special.

You look for fun elsewhere.

Your relationship is bringing you down when you look for fun elsewhere. You don’t feel anything with your partner, so you openly flirt with other people. You check out other people. You look for the spark with other people. Somewhere deep down, you are looking for other options so you can go to them when you leave this person. If you are so sick of this relationship, it is better to let go of the person.