8 Annoying Things Some Nigerian Lecturers Do

Anyone who went to a Nigerian University knows exactly what Nigerian lecturers are capable of. The whole system is structured to be very stressful but some lecturers make it a whole lot worse with the way they go about their job. Alumni of Nigerian Universities have a thing or two they remember about their different lecturers and INFORMATION NIGERIA brings you 6 things lecturers Nigerian Universities often do…

‘A’ comes only from me: Some lecturers will tell you that no matter what you write, you cannot make the A grade in their course. They will say it with so much pride, you will wonder if there is any need to even study hard for the course.

Forceful sale of handout: Some of them make it look like they need to sell hand outs and books to survive and you are infringing on their right to survive when you do not buy them as instructed. Like they say, the instinct to survive is great in men, so its not surprising to see them attack when students refuse.


Money lovers: They loved to be blocked; anyone who went to uni in Nigeria knows what blocking means but for those who didin’t it means paying a fee to a lecturer inorder to get a particular grade. It is also known as sorting.  Some lecturers love this and act like they don’t but some just go ahead and say it in their actions.

Give Area of concentration: These types of lecturer give you an area to concentrate on while preparing for the exams and after concentrating on those areas, it would shock you to see that the areas they gave are conspiciously missing in the exam questions but some stay true to their word and actually stick to it.

Set something out of their courseoutline: These ones have to be the most annoying set of lecturers to grace the face of the earth. They teach you 4 – 2 +=2 but in the exam, they set something entirely strange and different from what they taught?

Absentees: They come to class at the beginning of the semester to give you course outlines for the course and the required materials you would use and totally vanish till the end of the semester, even during exams.

Lovers: These ones love girls too much. These are the kind of lecturers who want to sleep with their female students and would do anything to make that happen.

Demigods: These ones parade themselves as little gods on campus, there word is like law. They issue threats and carry them out at will, no one questions their authority, not even the HOD. It is like they have the whole school in their pockets.

True or false???



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