8 Signs & Symptoms That Your Baby Is Tired


A cranky baby is no fun. As a mother, a crying baby can take you to your breaking point (1). And the surest way to crankiness is an overstimulated, overtired baby.

Your baby cannot talk and express her feelings. So, how do you know when she is tired and ready to nap? Well, if you learn to read the cues your baby is giving out, you’ll know well in advance the ‘right’ time – way before your baby has a meltdown!

So, let’s help you interpret your baby’s unspoken plea for sleep!

Is Your Baby Tired?

So, your baby was happily playing around, creating a mess, and suddenly there is no consoling her. She just won’t settle down! Well, that’s what happens when a baby is overtired. Now, don’t blame yourself. It can happen to the best of us. In fact, the result of an overtired baby is more sleep deprivation for you. And you need sleep. We all do!

If you want to avoid the same situation in the future, look out for the following signs of tiredness in your baby:

1. Changing Facial Expressions:

If your baby’s expression goes from happy to grumpy, know that she is getting tired.
2. Avoiding Eye Contact:

When a baby is tired, she may tend to avoid looking at you directly and may even stare blankly into space.
3. Rigid Or Tense Body:

When she is tired, your baby may have rigid, or tense hands and legs.
4. Clenched Fists:

Look at your baby’s fists. Are they clenched? If yes, you need to start preparing for her bedtime.
5. Losing Interest:

If your baby suddenly loses interest in her favorite toy or food, it may be because she is tired.
6. Rubbing Eyes And Ears:

These are among the most common signs of tiredness among babies.
7. Yawning:

This is one sign you cannot miss! When your baby is yawning, wrap up whatever you are doing and put her down to sleep.
8. Fussing And Crying:

If your baby has started fussing, you may have missed the bus!

Most of these early signs tiredness are easy to miss. But if you overlook these cues, you may have to deal with full out meltdowns, which can be a nightmare to deal with!


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