Ese Oruru’s Classmates And Teachers Speaks: SEE 5 Things They Said About Her


14 years old Ese Rita Oruru, the Delta State-born girl-child, resident in Bayelsa, who was abducted by Yunusa Dahiru, alias Yellow, but rescued by the Police in Kano, has been discovered to be about five months pregnant. Taking a look at her story, INFORMATION NIGERIA has put together 5 things her teachers and class mates said about her.

Her class teacher said she is a very brilliant student. She said, she got to know about her brilliance when she compiled their results.

”She is a very humble girl; her case has never come to the staff room unlike some students. I have never raised a cane to flog her since I knew her and to the best of my knowledge, no teacher has flogged her” Her integrated science teacher retorted.

”She is this jovial type, she doesn’t fight or quarrel. I am not saying this because of what has happened, I know her very well. If she were to be a rough child, I will say it and the society will not hold me responsible. But I am saying this because I know Ese”. Her mathematics teacher also retorted.

Her classmate, Hattarrh Ozeikime said, ”Ese is a role model. She said, “Ese is my best friend and I have known her for four years. We became close because I wanted to learn mathematics from her and she wanted to learn sciences from me”.

According to Miss Adama Miebimo, her close friend and classmate, Ese is an excellent student. “we met in our first day in school and we were seat mate so we became best of friends from there”. ”She is a very intelligent student; her favorite subjects are mathematics, English Language and Integrated Science. She said she wanted to be a nurse in the future”. These were her words as tears rolled down her cheek.


    • Didn’t u hear she was kidnapped and raped? She was rescued months later only to discover she was pregnant, so how is that changing so fast as though it’s her fault she was abducted.

  • I guess she is a pretender y d sudden change? If she is a gud student I don’t expect her to change over night, definitely she have been planning together with d guy that abducted her. That is one of d reason y we should train our children in a holy way.

    • May ur daughter or lil sister be hypnotized, kidnapped, converted, raped and then the world comes out and declared she planned her abduction and eloped with her boyfriend.

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