Elated Mum Tells Of How Her Baby Was Completely Healed Of Heart Condition [Photos]


A mother is filled with joy and happiness after her son who was diagnosed with heart condition is now fully recovered. The elated mother Amara Ugo Eze, took to her Facebook page on March 25, 2016 to share here testimony.. See below;

Oh our son Chibuikem Joshua Eze is 6months today!!! Words fail me but I’ll say a few things. He was conceived supernaturally, and apart from one or two attacks from the enemy which God gave us victory in, there were no hassles throughout the pregnancy. He was also delivered supernaturally to the glory of God.

On the 14th day of his life, he was diagonised of a heart condition. He had 2 large holes in the heart. Oh my God, it was a scary experience. I couldn’t feel my legs when I heard the doctor’ s report, but as I left the room, I looked into our son’s eyes and said, ‘This sickness is not unto death but to showcase the Glory of God on your life son’.

Immediately, scriptures started flooding my heart and I was strengthened. On our way home we laughed very well. I and my husband started building our faith in God.

The paediatric cardiologist said it was impossible for the holes to close back. That we should start preparing for surgery in India. Hmmm. Hubby told her we’ll make our decision after the second echo scan. My son was loosing weight due to the condition. We were asked not to allow him suck so that he doesn’t go into heart failure. So many procedures (phew). They gave him some medicines he’ll take pending the surgery.

I discarded the drugs after giving our son the first dose and told hubby that the Word of God is Josh’s MEDICINE. I allowed him to suckle because babies are designed to suck from their mothers’ breasts. We got scriptures on healing and the one that talks specifically about the heart Ezekiel 36:26. And started applying it on him by confessing it daily. I had to build my faith by reading a Kenneth E. Hagin’s study book on Prayer. We just kept confessing God’s word and refused to believe that anything was wrong with Josh. In January, during our church programme, (WAFBEC), Pst Matthew Ashimolowo mentioned our case and we claimed it by faith. We danced, laughed, praised and blessed the name of God for his healing.

Exactly 3weeks ago, we went for the second echo scan. To God be the Glory, the scan read that Chibuikem Joshua Eze’s heart has been COMPLETELY CLOSED. I wanted to hold my husband tight and scream out my lungs in excitement but the tears started rolling! The God that perfectly knitted my baby in my womb has given my son a NEW HEART!

The God that makes impossible situations possible HEALED our son COMPLETELY! Oh Praise God with me!

Source: National Helm