Beans Make You Tall?!? Checkout These 5 Facts About Beans

Anyone who grew up in Nigeria must have heard at one point in their life that beans is not only very rich in protein, it can make them grow tall rapidly. For this reason, many people ate beans alot, even though they dislike it. It’s surprising however that some grown ups still hold on to this belief without having made an effort to find out how true it is. To clear every wrong notion about beans, INFORMATION NIGERIA has put together this piece about beans…

– Beans doesn’t make people tall: We have often heard parent instruct their kids to eat beans because it will make them grow. This is false because height is majorly a genetic factor. However nutrition and environment may contribute to the height of a child and both may prevent a child from reaching his or her genetic potential. Environmental factors such as nutrition, exercise, and any underlying health problems also play a great role.

– Salting beans: Anyone who grew up in Nigeria has probably heard that adding salt to beans at the beginning when cooking beans can make it tough. However, there are many opinions about when to add salt to a pot of simmering beans. Some experts say to wait until the beans soften otherwise the beans won’t cook through. Others advise adding the salt right at the beginning of the cooking in order to season the beans through and through. On this one we are divided.

– Beans are a good source of fibre, vitamin C, folate (one of the eight vitamins in the B group) which keeps your blood healthy and helps you grow. It’s especially important for mums to get enough folate at the beginning of a pregnancy to help prevent some birth defects in the baby.

– Most beans contain at least 20% protein and are high in carbohydrates which provides long-lasting energy.

– Some ancient cults who believed in reincarnation, most notably the monastic followers of Pythagoras thought human souls traveled through the stems of bean plants to Hades, where they were then transmogrified for their next lives; it was therefore a sin to eat beans or even walk among bean plants.

If you didn’t know… Now you do!!!

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