Buhari’s Anti-corruption War Selective – Cleric

The Bishop of Kaduna Arch Diocese, Most Reverend Timothy Yahaya, on Sunday berated the anti-corruption war of President Muhammadu Buhari.

Speaking during a service to commemorate the resurrection of Christ, the cleric said the fight against corruption has been lopsided, selective and only targeted at the members of the opposition party.

He, therefore, advised that the way to go about the fight is not to hound a selected few from one political party or region, but to ensure that all those found guilty of looting public funds are brought to justice irrespective of their party, religion or ethnic affiliations.

The Bishop blamed the high rate of poverty and unemployment in the country to corrupt practices by those in leadership positions and called on the Federal and State Governments to tackle unemployment and poverty to improve the lives of the citizens.

He asked political leaders to give the citizens hope instead of disappointment and to use the Easter celebrations to share, love and care to the masses just as Jesus did.


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