Cash Flow Problems? Here’s The Easiest Way Out

Personal Loan_CASH FLOW

Last month we woke up to the shocking news that naira to dollar hit about N390, an all-time low in about 42 years. Ever since the upsurge became more apparent early last year following drop in oil prices, things have not been the same in the country. The exchange rate has been fluctuating, negatively affecting every other thing tied to it.

Virtually everything has become so expensive from clothes to shoes to even pepper as the sellers will tell you “dollar don rise, so pepper don cost”. Many entrepreneurs, especially those in importation of goods have been affected by this as they find it more difficult to bring in goods into the country as a result of the exorbitant exchange rate.

One of the ways to survive times like this is to seek financial assistance to cushion the effect of the financial hardship on you and your family. At Rosabon Financial Services, we offer you a soft-landing through our Loan services.

With our Personal Loan, one can access as much as N1.5 Million to deal with whatever pressing needs. All that is required for you to access this loan is; proof of employment and a stable flow of income and that’s it!

Our loans are quick and very easy to access as you get the desired cash in your account within just 48 Hours of application! Not only that, you also get a structured payment that is very flexible and affordable, simplifying the repayment process for you over a period of 6-8 months.

There is absolutely no need for middlemen or agents to access the loan, neither do you  need to put down any of your asset as collateral. All you need to do is simply contact Rosabon Financial Services either by walking into any of our offices, through a phone call or sending us a mail. By ensuring your business stays afloat this trying period, you are sure to come out smiling on the other side.

For more information on the how to access the loan; visit , send an email to or call our Client service lines on +2347046533688, +2347046523346.




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