Demolition Company Knocks Down Wrong House, Blames Google Maps


A demolition company has been left red-faced after tearing down the wrong house – blaming the mistake on Google Maps. The house in Texas had been damaged by a tornado and was set to be repaired and rebuilt. However, it was completely demolished instead of the intended house, which had the same address but was located one block away.

The demolition company, Billy L. Mabours Demolition, is apparently blaming Google Maps for the error. The owner of the house that was mistakenly demolished confronted the company and an employee responded by sending her a screenshot from Google Maps showing the arrow 7601 Cousteau Drive, pointing at where her house use to stand.

Owner Lindsey Diaz told WFAA8 she is devastated. “How do you make a mistake like this? I mean, this is just the worst. “That’s what their job is – to wreck it in demo, and they really wrecked my life.” The company is yet to apologise.


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