Does Everyone Have To Go To The University???


With the high rate of unemployment in Nigeria and the undeniable fact that graduates whether full or half baked are churned out yearly in their millions from the different universities, a lot of people have begun to wonder whether university education is still worth its onions like it was in years past. For instance the value of a university degree has depreciated over time. It is arguable that a university degree is now worth about the same as a secondary school degree was in the past. Based on this, many people now think, skills and talents training should be emphasized over a university degree. INFORMATION NIGERIA has gathered a couple of points to shed more light on this debate…

Expensive: Before now university undergraduates paid little or nothing to earn a degree and were treated as kings and queens when they graduated. Older Nigerians have often regaled the youths with tales of how they had whole chicken on Sunday, hostel bedclothes washed and irons for them and a meal ticket everyday including various options of employment on graduation but today many Nigerians pay millions to get the same degree and end up unemployed at the end of the day. Aside the stress of gaining admission, lectures and lecturer troubles are also faced by students.

Talents: Some people spend as much as four, five or six years in the university for a degree they might eventually never use and probably end up as a professional makeup artist, fashion designer or photographer. Imagine if such specialty schools were what they focused their energy on from the onset instead of the the university thing they probably didn’t need in the first place?

Return on investment: Only a few Nigerian graduates actually get the dividends of going to the university while many just spend most of their their productive years either searching for a job or enslaving themselves in the form of underemployment. Some even have to cope with very pitiful working conditions, working hours and horrible take home pay.

Distinction: OK, no one is saying a university education is bad and has no merits at all. Whether we like it or not, whether a graduate has a good job or not, there is still respect from the society, but we hope things get better all round for graduates in this country. Whether they end up as photographers or clothes makers, they still sort of have more ideas and packaging than those who don’t have a degree.

So what do you think about university education – is it be for everyone???


  1. Definitely. But be humble enough to do some real hand-on professional training. We can all see how useful ppl are to themselves and the society when they retire from paid employment.


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