Female Rapper, Eva Alordiah Announces Her Retirement From Music


Famous Nigerian female rapper, Eva Alordiah has shocked her fans after she revealed she’s leaving music for good in a lengthy post she dedicated to her fans via her official Instagram page.

“It’s tomorrow!! My last show as a ‘Music Artiste’! Yes, I am ending another chapter in my life and ready for the next! Eva says. If you Love Eva, you gotta be here tomorrow no? Please 😣 I really want you to come. Bring 4 friends.

I would be performing songs from before you knew me till right now! It is Live and Unplugged with the band and I want to share this experience with only the best and realest fans!

If you have never seen me play with the band please be here tomorrow! I promise you a fantastic Hiphop experience, God help me
Can’t wait to see you guys. 💜💜💜
I would be at the Venue from 8PM to meet you all one on one! Pictures, Selfies, Drinks, anyone?
Please please please tag 2 crazy Eva Fans!


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