Kemi Olunloyo REVEALS Why She Dumped The Biafra Movement


Controversial 51 year old social media personality, Kemi Olunloyo revealed in a new interview on why she stopped supporting the Biafra movement.

She said she pulled out of the Biafra movement when it started getting violent.

Some of them wanted Biafra or death. I am like ‘no that is not going to work with me’. I don’t like slogans that promote death – Biafra or nothing. Try Biafra and peace. Biafra and peace will give you international attention from international networks like CNN, BBC and also human rights agencies” said Kemi Olunloyo.

She further said “what I got were people chanting Biafra or death and they were liking violence, making threats at the DSS, the police, the army and they were carrying weapons and doing other stuff. Many people were loud on the Internet and not on the ground protesting. Not all of them. People with those flags on the ground are different from the people online.

Kemi Olunloyo yanked away her support from the Biafra movement and now supports the One Nigeria cause.

In another clip she spoke about Olamide and how he visits a ritualist. “Olamide I am looking at you. Have you ever been to a ritualist? Answer the question. We both know the answer. It’s not controversial. For me to say something like that out on the Internet. I can stay in front of Mushin and say it no one is going to touch me.”


  1. The fact is that kemi olunloyo is a Yoruba. Just like every other Yorubas, she is scared of buhari and his DSS because they may come after her.
    At first she thought the Biafra issue was a child play, she had no other choice but to back down when she realised we are not joking. We are ready to die for our dear country (Biafra).
    Yorubas are characterised with fear. Fear of both the known and the unknown. That’s why they are like slaves in the zoo.
    Nigeria and its inhabitants can go to hell, Biafra has been restored to slumber no more.

      • We need biafra pls housa leave us a lone pls we unite because of our oil. Apart from oil no unity We need biafra its must come come Brian come sun. We don’t have our freedom here because of huosa.we need to go we don’t want u again both police and even army.But is not by voliecnce god bless biafra and d IPOB Members all over d world

    • Mumu like u hw many of ur tribal known men fight for the cause now, u said yoruba really scared, the only person fighting for u people now is a yoruba man (that idiot fayose) even the then initiator of biafra said it’s cannot come to reality, u guys will jst end up killing and eating yourselves up again. Go to YouTube u will see ojukwus video there

      • I am from South Eastern Nigeria but don’t support the recent Biafra struggle. But I also think u are a bloody idiot to refer to genocide against women and children whose fathers were fighting against injustice and for survival during the civil war as “killing and eating themselves”. In fact u are a fking bastard

  2. Please someone should help me ask Kemi Olunloye what Biafra slogan was used when she was supporting the cause. And also help me to point at those carrying arms with evidence of at least one person that was killed by the pro Biafra agitators. Lies upon lies!!!

  3. No one can decide the fate of Biafra people. We have the right to self determination and defense.”Forced unity is slavery ” Nothing can stop Biafra. Long live Biafra!!!

  4. If a young lion is eating grass then it must be hybrid not full blooded lion , leapard must never lose its spotted mark, when I first heard kemi of a person I said is she for real ?if kemi had stood her ground it means she is not full blooded Yoruba woman , Time will tell and now we have seen it ..LOL , Honestly I am not surprised even Yoruba leaders betrayed Abiola so what’s more

  5. Kemi or what ever you call yourself. You are not part of us. Biafra is not for yoriba’s. So you are free to back off. Your reason is childish anyway. You told you that we depend on yoriba’s for restore biafra. hehehe. crey baby because biafra is on it’s way to be free from Nigeria. Thanks for backing off… lol
    Biafra or death

  6. even though she struggled with us and we get freedom what can she benefit from it even though she benefit from it does it means that all yoruba’s are free from the slavery of the zoo she is just a betrayer.

  7. Are you Yoruba?
    Does it matter if you support Biafra cause or not?
    Why did you initially defend the Biafra cause?
    Finally, WHO CARES?


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