Man Feels He’s In The Future After Spending 44 Years In Jail


A prisoner set free in America after he completed his penalty of 44 years in prison apparently traveled to the future. Otis Johnson was amazed when he walked out of prison after 44 years as according to him the world has completely changed. It was unbelievable for him to see how much the world has progressed over 44 years.

Otis Johnson a man from New York city was released after 44 years. Otis went to prison when he was 25 years old and stepped out of the same prison after 44 long years when he is 69 years old. Prison has certainly affected him in many ways. However when he came out in society he was amazed, shocked and fascinated by infrastructure and people around him. He remembers the time of 60’s and 70’s when he went to prison and compares that time to today. He thought everyone with earphones on is working for CIA because he can only recall CIA agents using ear phones and walkie talkie type devices, talking to themselves in 70’s.

Amazed to see how people can walk without even looking at the road glued to their phones screen, which he stated, “maybe iPhone they call it”. For Otis Johnson life is completely different outside prison and world has progressed rapidly as he cant believe his eyes. Otis Johnson is a real example of how a person feels after travelling to future. Otis was sentenced on the charges of murder assault on police officer. Unfortunately, he lost his family at some point of time in prison and now he has no one in world. At one stage when he was in prison, he felt lonely, as there was no one to talk with him from outside world.


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