Massive Blaze Engulfs Residential Buildings In The UAE


A huge fire has engulfed at least two towers of residential buildings in the United Arab Emirates city of Ajman, causing panic among residents. The police gave no details on casualties in tweets confirming the blaze late on Monday, but said efforts were ongoing to put out the fire.

“Everyone was running around in panic. The fire initially started off on one side of the building and slowly spread out to the building beside it,” Akbar Qazi, a resident at the site told Al Jazeera. “Ambulances and firefighters arrived immediately and took control of the situation, however the fire is massive and might take a while for them to completely put it off.”

“My flat is completed gutted,”  a resident told Dubai-based Gulf News publication. “I have lost everything including my documents and I have no place to stay.” The fire erupted at a building in the Ajman One residential cluster of 12 towers and spread to at least another tower, according to Gulf News. Social media users shared images of the fire showing bright yellow flames spreading up the side of the buildings. Officials told Gulf News that the tenants were being evacuated to safety. Traffic on roads leading to the area had come to a virtual halt, according to local media.

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