MUST READ!!! Tired Of Being Cheated By Your Mechanic?!? Then READ This

Every other week, cars go in and out of automobile mechanic shops for one reason or the other, and with this a lot of cash exchange hands, for either genuine reasons or as a result of the cunning antics of the mechanics. To save Nigerians from being cheated by the few crooks among mechanics, INFORMATION NIGERIA in this piece puts together 6 ways to avoid being cheated by your mechanic.


Have basic knowledge of your car

Sometimes ignorance might cost you a large sum of money. It would be terrible if your car only had electrical faults and your mechanic tells you that you need to replace your engine. Always read online articles regarding symptoms about your car, and what sounds/signs they would make if a certain part has an issue. We do not say that you would be an expert in automobile repairs, but you would be able to challenge your mechanic on some issues regarding cars. This is not to say that you know everything wrong with your car, because many times, automobile mechanics can identify faults better than normal vehicle owners.


Insist on original vehicle parts, and confirm their prices

Vehicle owners sometimes opt for the option of either used or fake vehicle parts, because the original parts are more expensive. Automobile technicians would convince you to buy fairly used ones, because they are original, or tell you to buy lower grade ones because they would perform just as good as the original ones. It is true that original vehicle parts are more expensive than the lower grades, but those original ones would prevent further repairs. The fairly used parts might have their own issues already, while the counterfeit parts might not work properly, thereby affecting other vehicle parts.

Know the situation of your car before handing it over to a mechanic

Basic things you could check on the car could be the mileage on the odometer, and you could also ask that you have a full list of all the faults the vehicle has before handing it over. You could also tell the mechanic to point out the issues on the car while he inspects them, to have a better understanding of what is wrong with the vehicle. Furthermore, in the event that any repairs you were not aware of should be done, you should be notified, and that any parts being replaced should be kept.


Do not pay for repairs that were carried out without your consent

This would hardly ever occur, because Nigerian mechanics do not like to lose money. But in the event that a mechanic tells you that they made a repair which was not stipulated in your initial agreement, do not pay for it. In many cases, those faults are non – existent and they are just looking for ways to make money off people.

Try out other mechanics/ask people how much they spend on vehicle repairs/maintenance

Variety they say is the spice of life. In the event that you feel that your mechanic is too expensive, ask other vehicle users how much they spend on their vehicle parts and maintenance. Also, you could try out new mechanics, and see if their services are cheaper and better than your regular mechanic.

NOTE: The vehicle you drive might actually cost a lot more to service and repair than other vehicles, so that should be put into consideration.

diagonise machine

Purchase a vehicle diagnosis machine

Initially, when these machines were introduced into the Nigerian automobile market, they actually did cost a fortune. But, the good news here is that there are smaller and cheaper machines which would assist vehicle owners know what is exactly wrong with their vehicles.

We hope this piece has helped you identify some of the ways you can avoid being cheated by your mechanic.


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