Fulani GunmanIn any civilized society, the ugly news of the atrocious attacks and killings in Agatu communities reaching Mr. President in good time as it is believed he was rightly informed, should have drawn his irk against the loss of human lives recorded and culprits involved.
Without mincing words, I expected a speedy response from the Nigerian president disavowing the activities of the Fulani marauders, accompanied by a fierce directive to all relevant security agencies to put an end to the pogrom and also ensure the perpetrators of such dastard acts under whatsoever guise are apprehended and brought to book.
To my utter dismay, Mr. President exhibited a lukewarm attitude in addressing the situation by lightly criticising the attacks and merely asking for a committee to be set up with a mandate to look into the remote causes and proffer solutions.
For how long will the Nigerian State continue to show a glaring apathy when it comes to making the lives of her citizens count. Over 300 hundred innocent men, women and children were brutally massacred unjustly with their communities razed down and the best response from President Buhari’s administration is “setting up a committee.”
is that how a responsible government reacts by taking the lives of her citizens for granted without a more stringent approach swiftly adopted to stop the killings and apprehend the “invaders” who continue to transverse the length and breadth of the affected communities wreaking havoc without encountering any form militaristic impedance from security agents assigned to check mate their diabolic activities?
The unwillingness of the Nigerian government under President Buhari, taking a vow to deal decisively with the perpetrators of such carnage tends to show contradiction, insincerity and bias on the part of Mr. President who during his May inauguration assured Nigerians that “He belonged to everybody and he belonged to nobody.”
His body language so far clearly depicts a man who is the grand patron of a group of terroristic herdsmen that needs to be outlawed but continue to enjoy the privilege of being the kith and Kin of the “Commander in Chief” and as such he would never take decisions that will fracture the existing relationship they share which in my own understanding supersedes the vow he made to be fair and just to all.
I can’t believe the government sincerely wants to apprehend the terroristic Fulani herdsmen given the fact that their nefarious activities continue taking place incessantly and the government has not deemed it fit to send adequate troops or Police men to quell the attacks on communities and ensure the culprits are caught and made to face the full wrath of the law, an appalling and no commendable action always played by the government that invariably gives the Marauders a feeling of invincibility and a sentiment of having an untouchable clout to do whatever they do recklessly because the long arm of the law will never catch up with them within the present bias Nigerian administrative contraption.
For a government under a supposed democratic system that sends her troops to shut down peaceful demonstrators by use of violent force as witnessed in the South East against the IPOB members demanding the release of Nnamdi Kanu and also the case of Shiite Muslim members killed by the Nigerian state at their Headquarters in Zaria after an earlier encounter of their members blockading the convoy of the Nigerian Army Chief. It is on record that many innocent unarmed civilians were killed in swift response by the Army under the authoritative commands of Mr. President.
Now that a group of terroristic herdsmen are terrorising indigenous farmers across the middle belt and beyond why is the government slow to anger in deploying well-armed and combat ready troops who will be ruthless in dealing with the “invaders” a term coined more recently by the inspector general of Police Solomon Arase who described the Fulani herdsmen as aliens who are invading Nigerian communities to cause havoc.
On how these “aliens” are allowed to wage war within our territorial boundaries remains another poignant issue to be discussed and tackled but for now I expect with this new revelation the Nigerian Government would be more angered to exercise her militaristic might with full force against those who operate under the guise of cattle rearing to kill our fellow countrymen.
For me this government is full of hypocrisy and double standards until President Buhari wakes up to face the challenge that his Fulani cattle rearing kinsmen pose a great threat to our collective security and corporate coexistence and drastic measures need to be taken to put an end to their heinous campaign, the resolve of this government to unite our people across our various ethnic and religious differences will forever remain an effort in futility if such killings continue unabated thereby painting the culpability of the Nigerian government not doing the needful to arrest and punish the perpetrators of such crimes against humanity irrespective of the identities of victims.

Yours Truly,
Tersoo TeeCube.
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  • The killing fields are just beginning. That is the Buhari that the Nigerian press promoted and celebrated inspite of his dangerous murderous antecedents. The weeping just began.

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