Police Arrest Man For Marrying Wife Without Parents’ Permission [PICTURED]

Policemen attached to the Dolphin Police Division in Ikoyi have arrested a 30-year-old man, Ugo Madugba, for marrying his 28-year-old wife without the express approval of her parents.


Madugba’s wife, Nono Orji, who is a medical doctor, said in a Facebook post on Thursday that there were plans by the police to poison her husband.

She said her husband was arrested on the orders of her parents who have been against their marriage from day one.

She said, “The Nigerian Police in Dolphin Estate, Ikoyi just arrested an innocent 30-year-old man called Ugo Madugba for an offence of marriage. Marriage has become a crime in Nigeria according to Dolphin police station in Ikoyi. Mr. Ugo got married to Dr. Nono a 28-year-old medical Doctor.

“Her father has been very distraught about it and has used the police to threaten the young couple to the extent of arresting all those who acted as witnesses to the marriage who are now in custody.

“He has been denied access to his family and friends and information reaching us has it that his lawyer was also denied access to him. There is a belief that a plan to poison ugo is being hatched. Please, forward this message to as many people as possible lets save Ugo’s life.”

Orji said in another Facebook post that her parents were trying to force her to marry another man but when she refused, they accused her husband of hypnotising her.

However, a police source told our correspondent that they believed that the wife was hypnotised and abducted by her husband.

The source said the matter would be transferred to the State Criminal Investigation Department, Panti, today.

Source: Punch


  • So Nigeria constitution now recognise juju even when no physical abuse on the woman….Lollllssss. I respect Man-O-War pass Nigeria Police.

  • The police@dolphine police station ikoyi has made a big mockery of the NPF,i thought the NP where trying to launder their already destroyed image#now dis#surprised and ashamed though#so much 4 a new NPF

  • What a bunch of idiots! Even the police couldn’t understand the law that guides marriages? Hypnotized? They need to prove that in the court of law.

  • This is a shame on NPF. Doe it mean they ve no better arrest then this? Then they should intensify their efforts towards arresting miscreants and peace disturbance rather than acting on a self and senseless parents whom they might have collect money for the job! Shame on NPF

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