Quality Education Is Not Free – Oshiomole


Edo State Governor Adams Oshiomhole says giving the reality of the nation’s GDP, quality education cannot be free.

The governor said this when he visited the National Universities Commission (NUC) on Wednesday, where he stressed that the future of Nigeria lies in the quality of its human capital, adding that every child must in the nearest future go to school.

He said the Edo State government has taken steps to improve the quality of education as it has extended free education to the senior secondary schools which translates that for the first 12 years, the child will attend schools for free with books and free transportation for any student on uniform to their various schools.

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However, he noted with dismay what he described as the inappropriate educational policy in Nigeria which gives generalised system of subsidy to the rich and poor in the society, stressing that it is time for the government to withdraw subsidy from children of the rich and deliver it to those of the poor that cannot afford education.

While declaring that children being out of school sentences them to poverty forever, Oshiomhole said reducing the number of out-of-school children to five percent will mean that more people who have gone through primary and secondary schools will want to have access to quality University education.

He also said that the Edo state government has set up the Edo State University, Iyamo to open windows for people who want quality and cannot afford the whole fee but have proven to have what it takes to benefit

“Obviously, quality is not free,” Oshiomole said. “I need to keep emphasizing that because, given the reality of our GDP, our per capita income in relation to our population, I don’t see how government can deliver first class in capacity if the University authority does not develop ways and means to internally generate revenue.

“Edo state government will not deliver free university education but will create access for those who want it and for those who can afford it and device a means of providing support for those who cannot afford it.”

He said the University will help cater for the needs of over 1.4 Million young people seeking access to quality university education and expressed hope that the University will be the centre of excellence and a univeristy of choice for people who want quality.


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