Runway Superstars, Ure Kalu Shows Off Her Engagement Ring [Photo]


Runway superstar, Ure Scott Kalu took to Instagram to show off her wedding ring and express her delight to have the man of her dream. She was the face of Nigeria’s leading hair care product Soul Mate when they launched a new campaign with witty Nigerian actor Hafeez Oyetoro popularly known as Saka as lead act and Ifeoma Ume Okeke.

Here is what she said:

“It all started like a joke. Never knew someone somewhere kept track of me for so long and waited patiently to meet me. He always confessed Someday, we met and he acted like he knew nothing about me while he knew everything 😏😅. That was the day he’s been waiting for…. Now it feels like a dream. He asked me to marry him. I said yes. Now I have to get used to wearing a ring everyday 🙈😳. He gives me all I’ve ever wanted: True love and Happiness! This is what true love feels like and it’s beautiful. 💖💍 #AwesomeGod



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