AMAZING: Scientists Discover The Location Of The Human Soul Within The Brain


Scientists of the Neuroscience Research Centre of the University of Cambridge, have not only proven the existence of the soul, but also identified the region of the brain in which it is located. A team of neurologists, directed by Dr. James Edward Monroe and Dr. Waheed Langhani, spent the last three years studying thousands of scans obtained with a technology called Functional magnetic resonance Imaging (FMRI), which enables scientists to see images of changing blood flow in the brain associated with neural activity.

This allows images to be generated that reflect which brain structures are activated while performing various tasks, helping to determine the various uses of each structure within the brain. Dr. Monroe and Dr. Langhani were hoping to study a small and misunderstood endocrine gland named the pineal gland, which is located in the epithalamus, near the center of the brain.

While studying the numerous FMRI scans, the researchers noticed that every time they asked a patient to pray or meditate, the brain activity suddenly concentrated around the epithalamus, more specifically in the pineal gland.

After thorough testing and investigation, they were able to determine that the small endocrine gland was the center of all spiritual and religious thoughts and beliefs, within the brain, acting as the headquarters of spiritual activity that receives information and sends “orders” to the other structures of the brain. The exact functions of the pineal gland and the nature of the relationship between the “soul” and the body remains unclear, however, because the extremely intense level of brain activity and its concentration make the data harder to analyze.



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