SEE Photos Of A Real Life Piece Of The Devil


It is called “Esu”, it’s origin is the famous Ijebu land in Ogun state, Nigeria.

It is said to be at least 205 years old by a legacy of the Lawal family lineage in Ijebu land, which it belongs to. It is believed to be a one-way ticket to Lucifer himself. The Esu as it is comes in three pieces, signifying the three parts of the devil.

The piece has been passed down over three (3) generations up to this very day.


He who is in possession of the three pieces is duty bound to perform a ritual which is to feed them their daily meal.

The simple meal is pouring a tea spoon of palm oil on each of the three parts every morning.

Performing this daily ritual ensure these three pieces grow like a tree. The bigger these three palm oil eating pieces grow, the bigger and greater the worshipers get.

It is also believed that worshiping these mystical and ancient objects brings good tidings and fends off evil from its worshiper. All these benefits can only be enjoyed by the worshiper only if he/she stays true to it.

With the whole family all converted to either Islam or Christianity, the family is open to the idea of selling to a willing buyer.

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