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Many people hold certain negative views about the Nigerian Police Force and its officers. But stumbling on the Instagram page of Aliyu Giwa might just convince you that views are not correct. The page,@aleeygiwa, has quite a lot of followers on Instagram and a day does not pass without Giwa trying to portray the police as being always your friend. He looks clean, positive and in numerous interactions with people he is said to be one of the few good eggs in the police force.

One of his captions that caught our attention is: ”I love my job… Honestly been a policeofficer teaches me reality, teaches me of life, shows me the Good, Bad and ugly of human nature… I adore the fact that each day that passes by… der’s someone new to help, Someone new to save perhaps Or sometimes I’m too late… and that too is life!

I meet many many people throughout my daily tasks Some like me, some respect me, some disrespect me, inshort Some by mere seeing a policeman they just wish I’d burn in hell!! Most tolerate me and realize that I am there for a reason… It’s my job! Been a cop teaches me to count my daily blessings! To be thankful for what I have because so many have so little & It teaches me to value every minute (becuase I see what you can’t stand), to seize the day and save the day, and find that life within it!!

This same job teaches me a love of other people… To look beyond myself as an OLOPA(policeofficer) and walk in other’s shoes. Have I mentioned yet… How much I love my job and the people around me? ? ! ! Because if I haven’t…I really should… Because I do!! #PoliceIsYourFriend #Police #Ekelebe #Dansanda #Olopa #NigeriaPoliceForce #NPF”

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He is like a breath of fresh air away from the drunk-staggering police officers we’ve heard about! Kudos!

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