Simi – “Taking My Bath Is My Annoying Routine”


Fast rising petite singer, Simi, has revealed in a recent interview that taking her bath is her annoying routine.

When I came across this interview, I laughed really hard because I have a friend who’s also called Simi, beautiful and also petite like the singer; who thinks showering is too much work.

In the exclusive chat with Simi, she said:  “That will be taking my bath. It’s not that I don’t like bathing but I love to multi-task. At times I might be brushing my teeth while also operating my system or reading. But when you get into the bathroom, you just can’t do any other thing.”

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Simi also talked about growing up. “So I used to like sneakers, baggy jeans etc. My dad spoilt my brothers and I, but it was fun. When I was nine years, my parents separated and so that was really a tough time for us, because we had to grow up faster. We came through it and we are okay.” she added.


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