Things That Happen In Nollywood Movies That Beats Logic


Ever wondered why in a Nollywood movie, somebody would be trying to drink from a small container and somebody else suddenly comes from behind to hold the person’s hand and starts crying saying’ why do you want to drink poison”? This sort of scene leave you wondering how this person knew that the content is a poison? What if the content is something else?. INFORMATION NIGERIA in this piece brings to you 13 things that happens in Nollywood movies that are far from logical.

– Everyone who emerges from having being unconscious do so with fits of coughing

– Villains still have enough energy (or blood… or a pulse) for that last sinister attack, despite having suffered debilitating, if not deadly, injuries.

– No one finishes a meal, at restaurants or at home.

– Real people don’t usually turn off the TV the moment the story about them is finished. They do this in movies because leaving it on would require additional production to appear on the TV, which is money not necessarily well spent.

– Women wake up from their sleep with full face make-up

– Bad guys neatly wait for their turn to get their ass kicked when they surround the hero.

– Perfect makeup and hair style after steamy sex. I wish it was possible, but it is not. Lipstick and eyeliner are all over the place, after steamy sex. The hair looks worse than when you get up in the morning. I know too well about this.

– They always managed to turn on the news at almost the right time and receives the exact information that is needed to advance the plot.

– Someone is shot and you see absolutely no blood on them or where they lay dead.

– Someone punches a bony area on another person and he doesn’t hurt at all.

– Also when a man and a woman are lying in bed together, it always becomes clear that either the woman is terrifically modest about her breasts with a man she’s just (by implication) had sex with. You see them making sure nothing shows. Sheets on a bed come up the waist on the man’s side, but up to the shoulder on the woman’s side.

– Generally, everybody in movies seem to have considerably more money than their visible means of support would cover. Like they always seem to be very rich or very poor but never in-between.

In real life we talk over each other, interrupt each other, go completely off track and have to be reminded (or not) what we were talking about but in movies, its always precise and perfect.

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