True Hitler Descendant Born After Nazi Enthusiast Impregnates Own Wife With Frozen Sperm Of The Dictator


A German couple has allegedly given birth to the only true descendent of Adolf Hitler, 72 years after the death of the nazi dictator. The couple of Nazi enthusiasts claims they impregnated 28-year-old Elma Brammstein with the frozen sperm of Adolf Hitler, giving birth to Adolf Brammstein, 72 years after the death of the Nazi ruler.

“The Nazis knew there would be numerous attempts against the Fuhrer’s life” explains Helmut Brammstein, the proud father. “So they collected large quantities of the Fuhrer’s semen so that his progeny could continue on after the Nazis won the war to spread the Aryan race,” he explains. “Unfortunately, things didn’t play out as expected” he admits, visibly bitter.

The couple readily admits they bought the sperm off an internet retailer specialized in Nazi paraphernalia. “It is a great web site. You can buy World War II clothing, weapons and all the speeches of Hitler and Goebbels are available on high-definition DVDs,” claims the new father. “We were really surprised when we learned we were the first to buy the semen of Hitler, I would’ve thought that would be their best-seller,” he adds. “Hopefully that will change soon,” he adds positively.

Microbiologist and fertility expert, Dr. Hans Fruttengart at the University of Munich believes the couple are victims of a sick and twisted internet fraud. “It is clearly impossible that Hitler’s sperm has survived for so long and in suitable condition to fertilize healthy eggs,” he admits. “It is definitely sperm they have bought since the woman was impregnated, but whose sperm? We don’t know” he acknowledges, visibly amused. “It is also clearly visible that the baby has blue eyes and blond hair when Hitler did not show any convincing traits of an alleged superior Aryan race with his brown hair and brown eyes,” he concludes.



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