Veteran Nollywood Actress Successfully Get Helps For Sick Child [Graphic Photo]


Veteran Nollywood actress Kate Henshaw has successfully found a sick child that was pictured with his mother begging for alms around the bridge descent to Muson centre, Lagos a few days ago by Instagram user named Temeetee.

The actress who solicited for financial support for the child, Michael yesterday, took to her Instagram page to announce help has come for the child.

According to Kate, the doctors at LUTH diagnosed his illness as “Ulcerated Infected Facial Haemangioma” which is bening and congenital.

She took to Instagram and wrote, “Good day all…. Thank you all for the calls, text, care and concern.

So as at today, I went to LUTH to visit Mary and Baby Michael. He was fast asleep and did not wake till we left. Poor baby… I spoke with the doctor, Dr Mofikoya who diagnosed “ULCERATED INFECTED FACIAL HAEMANGIOMA”

He said it was congenital and benign.

Treatment of the infection is paramount for now.

Bed, feeding and drugs have been sorted for a week. Mary also has her feeding sorted.

@bunmibunmi showed up and volunteered clothes for the baby, bedsheets for his hospital bed and provisions.

@josephineeffah of @ProjectalertVaw will sort out an account where everyone can donate.

Let’s keep praying.. It will be well. Let our good not turn to bad or be misconstrued. God direct our path as we join hands to save this child.”

Michael’s photos went viral two days ago and caught Nollywodd actress Kate Hensahw’s attention who has now taken it upon herself to get help for the young boy.

Henshaw linked up with Temeetee and hunted for Michael and his mother after which she took them to Lekki Motherless Babies home. See graphic photo…

Baby Michael