What You Need To Do Like… NOW, According To Your Horoscope

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Happy Hump Day! Let your free daily horoscope guide you through the hump in this week.

Pisces: Speak and they will listen! Your sense of self is strong today, and it’ll help you stay on the right path with everyone you encounter.

Aries: The tides are a-changin’ and you’re ready for them to take you somewhere new. You want to move, find a new gig or even just change up your daily routine. A fresh start is what you’re after.

Taurus: You really do like things your way, but unfortunately sometimes other people do too. You need to be a little bit more flexible right now. This is what growth looks like; you can do it.

Gemini: You’re always down for new experiences, but your urge for something new is especially strong right now. Don’t go making any big decisions just yet, but you can do some research around some fun new activities.

Cancer: Your mind is open and your curiosity is high. New experiences and people will find their way to you. Enjoy the variety.

Leo: Listen to your heart. It has answers you need right now. Don’t rush any big decisions and let your gut decide.

Virgo: You’re looking to create harmony in all of your relationships, both professional and personal. As much as you want this, it’s not all up to you to make things work. You can’t do it all and no one worth the trouble will expect you to.

Libra: Back away from the candy jar. You’re stressing, but a sugar rush isn’t going to help you. You’ve been working on your fitness, remember? Don’t give up now.

Scorpio: You feel young at heart and you’re incredibly playful today. Share your good mood with those who are nearest and dearest to you.

Sagittarius: Your emotional baggage is getting heavy again. Make time to find positive, effective ways to put it to rest. The only bags you want are new designer ones.

Capricorn: If you’ve been putting some things on the back burner, it’s time to get cooking on them. You can tackle a ton today, so what are you waiting for?

Aquarius: Everyone has their own opinions about what you should do with your life, but you need to pause and think about what it is that you want. Listen to your own heart and mind today.


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