Why Are Nigerian Weddings So Expensive??? Brides, Parents Or Vendor???

It is hopefully a once in a lifetime thing, most Nigerians make sure they spend a fortune on it. A wedding is often the most important celebration in one’s life. So people can be very concerned with some of the smallest details of the wedding. And it is an extremely emotional event that often has a lot of opinions going into the planning. So a lot of Nigerian men would totally disappear when the word wedding is mentioned because of how much it could gulp. If you are one of those who have wondered for so long why this is so, this piece by INFORMATION NIGERIA would definitely answer all your questions…

Outdo others: If you are one of those who are out to impress and outdo your predecessors in the wedding business, then your wedding is definitely going to be expensive. Even when something cheaper is suggested by the planner they turn it down and choose something more elaborate and expensive.

Vendors: As soon as you mention the ‘W’ word to any restaurant, photographer, tailor, makeup artist, caterer etc. the price immediately doubles. Nigerians as we know like to take advantage of every and any situation, so weddings are no exception. Also all weddings are more work for the vendor than a normal business event because details must be perfectly attended to. For instance caterers will need more staff to serve your party, photographer will need a lot more equipment than for a random event and so on.

Letting others take control: When you allow the people planning do everything using their discretion without cautioning them, then you’re most likely going to be exploited and would end up spending too much.

Uninvited guests: If it were actually possible to get the exact number of guests you invited, then it wouldn’t be so hard to make a wedding less expensive but that isn’t the case as uninvited guests sometimes exceed the number of invited guests so planners try to cover for those people and this adds to the total cost of the event.

Prices: Prices of goods in Nigeria never come down. They are always skyrocketing.

Bride: The bride wants or believes she must have a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The bride can also want to be sure that her friends are envious.

F-O-B: The father of the bride doesn’t want his associates to think that he’s having financial difficulties, therefore wants to spend all his savings and even pension to ensure he gives his child a talk-of-town wedding.

Groom: The groom-to-be is afraid to object to outrageous charges because he doesn’t want his bride-to-be to think that he doesn’t believe she’s worth it, therefore he bleeds himself dry just to please her.

Venue: Most people want to use halls located at strategic places and this costs a awful lot of money. The fact that you’re renting the hall for so much money is one part but we all know that the bigger the hall, the more expensive the decorators will charge. The charges for the hall and that of the decor are independent.

Only a few brides/grooms/attendants/parents give any thought to the fact that a wedding is one day, a marriage is (supposed to be) for life, therefore do everything they can to reinforce the notion that nothing is too good (or too expensive) for such a special occasion, what do you think???




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