5 Funny Struggles of Every Ugly Nigerian Girl

Being ugly suck and it is definitely bad for business. How you go from persuading everyone around you that its just your face that doesn’t look too nice but your heart is, is one struggle being ugly gets you. People are just naturally unfair to you. Even when you try to do nice stuff, they don’t see it but focus on how not-so cute you are.  The struggle is too real and INFORMATION NIGERIA brings you 5 of them in this hilarious piece….

No one takes pictures with or of you; The only time this ever happens is on your wedding day because you did a good job hiring one of the best makeup artist, there is in the land.

Over compensate; Since you know beautiful clothes have a good way of enhancing anyone’s look, you spend a large chunk of your income to get them but your effort comes totally to ruins when a very beautiful girl steps in, just when someone decided to finally take you serious. Oouch

No one likes you; While your pretty friends are getting all the love and attention, there is, you just seem to fizzle out into thin air.And when people try to even remotely compliment you, its like pouring salt on injury because you know its not true and they are just trying to be nice. And you dare not even try to crack a joke because people are just going to feel irritated instead of fake a laugh.

People don’t care; If you like, go get TY Bello to take your best photo and upload it on social media, the best you will get is a few likes. So, there is no need to get excited when you post photos because you’re only just saving them posterity.

Just one prayer point; While everyone is busy asking God for more blessing and prosperity, your only prayer and hope is to find someone who would love and accept you for whom you are.

LOL…but Nigerian girl have found away around this one. With the right makeup and outfit, you would mistake even a very ugly girl for Genevieve or what do you think.



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