5 Real Reasons Why Nigerian Girls Can’t Do Without Make Up

People have a lot of opinions about women who wear makeup. Questions like ‘why do you wear it? Isn’t that too much? You don’t really look better with it and so on are some of the things these women deal with. The truth is that there are many reasons why women wear makeup, and they rarely have to do with gaining approval from anyone else. Are you one of those who do not see the need for women to wear make up? Well, INFORMATION NIGERIA  brings you 6 reasons why they do…

Are you sick?: Many people don’t want people thinking they are sick or depressed, so they just put their make up on. These kind of questions pop up many times on a day a woman doesn’t have her make up on.

Increase Confidence:  For instance, some women have a lot of pimples on their faces. This sort of gives them low self esteem but with make up on, its like they got their groove on and could conquer any territory.

Its fun: It is an aret. Women automatically feel like Napoleon or Da vinci when they apply their make up. It gives women the right to play with colours and express themselves while bringing to bare their other sides.

Feel pretty: Its not like most women feel ugly without it( although some of them do) but wearing make up properly makes many women very prettier.See this:

What do you think?

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Self love: Many people are of the opinion that women who wear makeup do it to get the attention of guys, but the fact, women who wear makeup, do it for themselves. It makes some of them happier and feel better about themselves.

What is your take though???