5 Things Anyone Who Lives In Agege Gets To Deal With

Agege is a suburb and local government area in the Ikeja Division of Lagos State, Nigeria and the famous Agege bread got its name from the area. The area has had its fair share of bad news as Dana Air Flight 992 crashed into residential buildings in Agege while attempting to land at Murtala Muhammed International Airport. The crash killed all 153 people on board and 10 other people on the ground, on 3 June 2012. There are a lot that people who live in Agege area have to deal with, however, INFORMATION NIGERIA brings you 5 of them in this piece….

Agege bread: As soon as you mention that you leave in Agege, everyone’s mind just goes to Agege bread like you’re the baker’s child. Therefore, you eat bread for breakfast, lunch and dinner but fact is, Agege is not the only place where Agege bread is sold in Lagos or Nigeria.

Everywhere is far: Its like you live at the end of the world and have to make a trip to somewhere inside the world every time you plan to go to Lagos Island, Lekki or even Ikorodu. Except you are just going  within your area, you pretty much have to travel to get anywhere in Lagos.

High rate of fare: Because everywhere you are going is extremely far from where you stay, your transportation to those place are expensive. Most of the jobs are either on the Island or Surulere, that means you have to spend sometimes three times more than what your colleagues spend just to get to work. Unless of course you work at Ikeja.


No BRT lanes: BRT lanes to an average Lagosian, who takes the bus means no traffic. It means you have an option to avoid heavy traffic on the fast and service lanes. However, those people who live in Agege don’t have that kind of privilege. So, even when you do take the BRT bus, you also have to contend with the traffic on the road, there’s no escape.

Houses are cheap: People who live elsewhere mostly have the misconception that houses are cheap in  Agege area because it is Agege. However, that isn’t the case at all because you end up paying as much as people who live in other expensive areas of Lagos.

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