5 Things Every New Nigerian Mom Can Totally Understand



Every baby is different and every mother is different. A lot of people don’t understand this, so some people make it a point of duty to give new moms, whether the advice is asked for or not. Learning from the experiences of others but not taking it as gospel if you feel differently, is key. INFORMATION NIGERIA has put together 5 kind of things many new moms have to contend with…

Babies are uncontrollable: Ever been in a commercial bus and the woman sitting near you has an active baby strapped to her back ot sitting on her lap, then suddenly the child starts to play with or even pull our hair, ear ring, bag or shirt and at first its all fun and game until you start to get annoyed but can’t show it because its just a baby. Well, news flash!!! That’s what kids do and even your will do the same, so new moms shouldn’t feel embarrassed when this happens.

Everyone knows better than you: As long as it is your first child, you definitely going to hear different kind of things from different people on the same subject. For stance, you wrap your baby up in the sun, someone is going to say the weather is too hot, don’t wrap her up like that, you don’t wrap her up in the sun someone is going to say ‘please wrap the baby up, its sunny and the baby is too fragile for all that sun. So at the end its left to you to what you think is right for you and your baby.

Is that a boy or girl?  A lot of people ask this type of question a lot and the truth is, they do not recognize how annoying that question sounds. You see a baby in a dress and you still go on to ask if the baby is a girl or a boy. If you really can’t tell a baby’s gender, ask a question like, “How is your baby doing?” Mom will likely follow up with, “She is doing great, but she just started teething!” Find out the gender without making a mom feel like she has a gender-less child.

Most new moms have probably heard the you’re going to spoil him by holding him so much. You should just let him cry it out, countless times. Even those who committed the offense in their own time make it a point of duty to remind you how you should just drop your baby and go because holding her too much would make her addicted to be held.

It only gets worse: When parents are in that newborn phase — no sleep, constant feedings, and no time for themselves — sometimes all they have to keep their sanity is the knowledge that it will get better, but some ‘know it all’ old moms make it worse be saying the work keeps getting more tedious.

True or false???