5 Very Weird Things That Happen at NYSC Orientation Camps


In a couple of weeks, some fresh graduates will be heading to various parts of Nigeria for the National Youth Service Corp, NYSC orienation camp. A lot of them, may have already heard from older siblings or friends, what the orientation camp is about and what they are likely to experience during those highly stressful but enjoyable 3 weeks.Well for some of you, who might not have heard about some of the weird things that some corpers do in those camps,  INFORMATION NIGERIA has got your back, as we bring you 5 weird stuffs that happen there…

Soldier-corper love affair: It’s a known fact that some female corpers date and sleep with soldiers either assigned to their platoons or other platoons. The relationship is suppose to allow them enjoy some freedom other corpers wouldn’t. Like being allowed to go into town or staying in their rooms during drills.

Married women escapade: Some married women take off their wedding bands and totally just get their groove on with male corpers. Sometimes, these amorous relationship go from the orientation camp through the service year.

Female corpers sleeping with officals for good posting: Some female corpers would agree to sleep with the camp commandant or top NYSC camp officials just so they are posted to good firms for their primary assignment but the sad part, sometimes these girls don’t end up where they wanted even after giving their cookies away.

Camp fire night: All sorts of stuffs happen on that night. It is like Cupid came down hard hitting almost everyone with love. They are seen in twos at different corners and when you go back in the morning what you’ll find will leave you surprised.

White lies: Corp members will tell all sorts of lie just to be redeployed. On the day that people who want to redeployed are asked to submit their letters and why they want to, 90% of the reports they attach to the letters are lies. Someone who has never been asthmatic in their life would come up claiming he/she has asthma and would die if he/she isn’t relocated.

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