6 Things Only Beautiful Nigerian Women Can Get Away With

Being beautiful in Nigeria and everywhere else in the world has a lot of advantages. A beautiful naija babe would most likely land a job than an ugly one. Even studies have come to prove the point that beautiful women really do find life easier. According to a recent study, pretty women can broker deals more easily.   This, according to the research, is because beauty overrides the brain’s reaction to fairness – a fact tied to a subconscious competitive streak rooted in male evolution. INFORMATION NIGERIA highlights 6 times a pretty woman could get away with stuff….


Flirting; When a very beautiful woman as much as smiles at a dude at the mall, it would make his day but let an ugly woman do the same, he’s going to quickly walk on, as if he just met the devil.

Dry jokes; People wouldn’t even laugh as much as they would at a Basketmouth concert as they would when a very pretty would makes a joke. Dry or not, they are going to laugh hard.

Asking for free stuff; Let a really hot woman’s car breakdown at the most lonely alley, she’s going to get help even before she thinks of it from even those who are running extremely late or scared of kidnappers.

Outfits; When a woman who is really beautiful sports any kind of outfit, weird or not, she’s going to nail the look and some people would even hijack the style but let a not-so-pretty woman try it.

Social media updates; A pretty woman could upload a very ridiculous photo and post a stupid message and people would be falling over themselves to like or comment but let a not so pretty woman do the same, and the only people that would hit the like button  would be are very loyal friends or a good Samaritan.

Punishment; A pretty woman would easily get away from being punished by traffic police, soldiers or any other law enforcement office even when she obviously breached the law than a not-so beautiful woman.

Are Nigerian men with us in this one???


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