6 Things That Always Happen To BROKE People

With the crises rocking the Nigerian economy at the moment, a lot of Nigerians are broke like flat broke and some of them are hanging on by a thin thread of rope. The song everywhere is the ‘economy is bad’. Everyone in  Nigeria especially the average Nigerian knows how high the cost of things in the market are but because Nigerians are survivals, they are trying their best to do just that. Therefore INFORMATION NIGERIA brings you 6 real things every Nigerian who is currently broke can relate to, in this piece…

Budget over pleasure: For as little as treating yourself to a cold bottle of soda and gala, you have to run a quick analysis on your financial situation, how that N150 would affect your life and if you would die if you just made do with pure water and biscuit.

Budget over love: Because a lot of Nigerian girls want to roll with you only when you’ve got some money to spend you declare celibacy. Even when anyone of them tries to be nice to you, your mind literally runs a check on how much money you need to sustain the friendship so you are like ‘Not today satan’.

Budget over sermons: Let your pastor scream the benefit of paying tithe from now till forever, you have made up your mind to drop your N50 offering and that is how far you want to go. Until President Buhari delivers the needed ‘change’, that’s how you plan to manage your life(LOL).

Budget over entertainment: You love social media so much but that means subscribing every now and down. So, to maintain your sanity in order not to rob a bank, you just have to let go of your monthly subscription including that of your cable TV.

Budget over Belief: You have been told that its good to carry a positive attitude but your bank balance has taught you otherwise. Your only chorus is ‘the economy is so bad’. So you’ll rather stick with the one that affects you more(your money).

Budget over quality: You love to look good because you hear looking good is good business. But with the status of your bank account  and the high cost of literally everything in the market including clothes that would only be possible in your dreams. So you stick to the ‘bend down select’ shops and you nail it every time don’t you(LOL).

Who can relate???


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