7 Annoying Things A Nigerian Mom Tells Her Child


As much as we all love our moms, we’ll also be the first to say this: moms can say some pretty annoying things. We know they have our best interest at heart, but that doesn’t really soothe us with the cliched, “Because I said so” reason. Also, they try to subtly torture us by saying, One day you’ll realize I’m right”. INFORMATION NIGERIA put together in this piece 7 things a Nigerian mum tells her child that may sound annoying but are absolutely true.

You don’t need to have everything your friends have: No, it doesn’t seem fair. But hasn’t your mom also told you that life isn’t fair? Not having the latest iPhone or your own car or a designer handbag won’t make your friends like you any less.

You’ll look back on that trend and regret it: This is almost the most common of Nigerian mum’s talk. They tell us this mostly when when we do not do what they require of us and sound almost prophetic when saying this. Anyone who grew up with a Nigerian mom has most definitely heard this too many times in their lifetime.

Why so much makeup: A Nigerian mom would always quickly point out how much your make up is or why your earrings are so big or why you have to wear a skirt that short.

Hard work pays: Laziness disgusts an average Nigerian mom. Its like a crime against humanity for you to still be in bed while everyone else is awake. They wouldn’t waste anytime to compare you to your hardworking neighbour. Nothing worth having comes easy, Put in the effort now and be way happier later, you often hear them say.

Your siblings will be your best friends one day: This one can be hard to believe while you’re growing up, but as adults you’ll be so glad you have each other. Your siblings share a history with you, and they’re also the people you can rant with when your mom is being really annoying.

That music is turned up too loud: Hearing damage is real and it is permanent, and even the latest album isn’t worth that but we often find it irritating when they ask us to turn down the volume of our music. Its like they are infringing on our right to exist.
We wouldn’t be here forever; This comes when she has advised you one too many on a particular thing but you never heed and they always have to correct the error that results from the bad habit. As annoying as it sounds when they say, it is totally true because a day will come when they’ll be gone and we’ll be on our own.

Which of these annoying things does your mom say most often? What did we forget to include?



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