7 Reasons Why Nigerians Think Universities Are Way Cooler Than Secondary Schools

Anyone who went to secondary school in Nigeria knows what it means to not do assignment, be absent from school or wear a uniform that is not authorized by the school. The University environment on the other hand allows people the liberty to do all these and more and get away with them. Secondary schools can be so much fun but you soon realize the fun is nothing compared to what you get once you get into the university. Wondering why we think so, see these 5 scenarios INFORMATION NIGERIA has put together here…

Classes you don’t like: In secondary school, there’s nothing like skipping classes whether you like it or not, every subject you offer is compulsory and you have no right to miss them but in the university, you get to pick your classes and have the right to select whose class you want to attend except the lecturer makes his classes compulsory by taking attendance, you can as well vanish and appear during exams all you have to do is get the materials and read up.

Freedom: While in secondary school, you are subject to the wimps and caprices of teachers and parents but in the university, you have more freedom. For instance, there is usually lights-out time on school nights for secondary school students but in Uni you can afford to stay up all night and no one is going to question you or make you serve punishment for it.

 No uniforms: This has to be the most interesting of them all. Unlike in sec school, where you are under obligation to show up everyday in your uniform, in Uni you can wear whatever you like, as long as it is decent.

Burdens: The bags some secondary school students carry could sometimes weigh more than a bag of cement (which could cause back ache) because they are supposed to bring materials for all subjects they are taking each day but in the university, you have the liberty to bring a few and can always go back to the hostel to refresh and get the ones you need before the lecture starts.

Waking up early: In the university, you could decide not to attend your 7am class because you don’t want to wake up early but in secondary school, you do not have a choice except you want to be punished for late coming.

Assignments: These ones come once in a while in the university but in secondary school, there is always at least 0ne or two each day to be submitted the following day.

Absent: When you have to be absent from school either because you were sick or busy with other stuff, your parents do not have to call your form teacher or principal because of it, like it is done in secondary school.

Do you agree???