7 Signs To Know You Are A Social Media Addict

Its Ok to be on social media every once in a while but when it becomes more than just an uncontrollable habit and you find yourself strolling in and out of it more than necessary even when you have a work load ahead of you, then it means you are having some addiction problem. Then, the best thing to do, is to take a break for awhile. Wondering if you really do have addiction problems then you need to see this 7 list by INFORMATION NIGERIA on what are the signs of being addicted to social media…

It makes you depressed: When posts about parties you missed or comparing yourself to others on social media really takes a toll on your mood or triggers a lot of self loathing and loneliness, means only one thing – you are a social media addict.

You open your social media accounts automatically: You combine checking social media with every other activity. Its like breathing or eating. You do it all the time without purpose.

You check social media when you’re hanging out with your friends: You do it without thinking. There’s no thought behind opening your Instagram while you’re waiting in line, on a date or even in church, you just do it like a habit.

You find yourself  checking your social media accounts in a more intense way than any other activity you do: For instance, you have a pile of work on your table but you can’t seem to finish because you are sucked into Facebook or Instagram.

You peek at it when you’re driving: This has to be the worse of them all and could cost your life but you know and really don’t care or hope it doesn’t happen because you just have to reply that convo or check that photo.

Your charger is always on you because having a dead battery is a fate worse than death: You can’t the thought of having a low battery or not having your charger handy when that happens because you’d rather die than allow such a horrible thing come upon you.

You get stressed when you don’t get enough likes:If you delete posts because you didn’t get enough likes on Instagram or Facebook. If you’re constantly refreshing and reviewing who liked what in the name of making sure that *everyone* knows how awesome you are? Maybe it’s time to step away from your news feed.

So are you???


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